Hope and Humor: Take my cancer … Please

I did not get cancer in order to write a book. I am sure that there are easier ways.

I have not tried them, so I am not certain of that.

But I did have cancer. Twice. I hope.

It seems that when you have cancer, among the flowers and balloons and such, you also get Lance Armstrong books. It seems to me, in fact, that you are not truly a cancer survivor if you have not received at least one Lance Armstrong book. I have nothing against Lance, and I think his whole yellow wristband thing is good for all of us, believe me.

I sometimes wonder how he got the testicular cancer, vis a vis the steroid issue, but I am not a world class biker and I am not his doctor, and that is not my problem.

I am glad that he survives. I am glad that he wrote his books and that they give hope to people.

But, to be honest, they made me want to gag.

If you need to, close this right now. This is how it is going to be for the next several hundred pages. There are no icons.

I wrote this, not to write a book, but to share my experiences with my family and with my friends in the cancer world. Some of them suggested that I needed to write a book. Eventually, I agreed with them.

I am not sure that I will do it well, but I am sure that it will not be something written by the privileged about their woeful experiences. I am one of you. I have vices, I am not extremely fit, and I am certainly not pretty. I thought it was time that someone wrote a book about cancer that was about all of us.

I also thought, by the way, that it should be humorous. I believe in that. If you venture on, you will see that. I believe in humor, I believe in hope. I do not care what others say about it, I believe that hope and humor matter. As more and more studies come out, I think my beliefs are being substantiated. (That is a big word, I know, and I will try to keep them to a minimum.)

That does not matter, really.

Hope and humor.

And you.

That is what matters.

Cancer sucks.

I hope you enjoy this, and I hope that it gives you both hope and support.

There is an entire community ready and willing to support you.

I just want to make you laugh.

And hope.




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