(Amos Lee reference)

I don’t know that there has been a more appropriate song leading into an entry than this one, Learned A Lot, by Amos Lee. Hopefully, you can play it. A great song, and a great way to dive back in.

I quit posting to this blog about five years ago, I guess. I have done things to update it, but those updates were cosmetic and probably not worth the trouble. From time to time I would drop in, borrow one of the entries to post somewhere where I thought it might help someone in the moment, but for reasons I cannot fathom, I quit posting new stuff.

In re-reading it, though, and in looking for things I thought I had described but apparently hadn’t, I realized that in the moment, in the living of the events of my two cancer experiences, especially the first one, a lot was left out, a lot was told from a very specific and, frankly, ignorant, perspective that omitted much that might have been of importance to others.

Additionally, of course, much has happened in these past five years that might be of use to others now that many of us are becoming long-term survivors: it seems that there is little literature on this phenomenon because it a relatively recent phenomenon, in the main. That is a good thing, obviously, that there are a lot more of us now. On the other hand, people need to speak. I am going to speak.

So, for better or worse, I am applying the defibrillators to this blog.

I’ve learned a lot. I really have.