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(U2 reference)

Today, I was supposed to see my family doc, to discuss Wednesday’s results re the PVL, to get another INR test, and to discuss where we are going from here.

I am legendary now (apparently) for missing appointments, but did not know how much so.

One of doc’s nurses, Annie, called me this morning, even though I advised her when I was leaving the office on Monday prior that I would not need such a call. I thought this was very kind of her, nonetheless.

I have teased her in the past, suggested that she and I should run off to Mexico if this guy she is affianced to does not hurry up and marry her, things of that sort.

When she called this morning and identified herself, I said “Hello, beautiful!” and she responded along the lines of “I am calling to remind you of our date today.” Talk about suckering me in!

I told her I would be there. There is no appointment for this. I go in any time between 10AM and 3PM, they take some blood and test it, doc talks to me, and I am out the door.

I figured if this was a date, I should break my own rules and take another shower, the second in three days. I know! My wife will start wondering soon.

I also intended to snip a rose from the bushes in the front yard, and yes, despite the cold temperatures of late, I still have roses blooming for some odd reason. I need to pare them back, I know, along with the drooping elephant ears, but haven’t done so yet, and so I had the opportunity to present her with a rose, halfway as a joke, and halfway in appreciation for calling me and for things she has done in the past (all of them perfectly professional, regrettably).

I was particularly pleased, of course, that she called today and referenced our date.

I make it to doc’s office, I tell the elderly lady at the counter that I am here for a date with Annie and she dryly returns with “Coumadin check?”.

Geez, shut me right down, why don’t you?

I agree with some resignation, and am directed to take a seat. One of the hazards of these appointment-free appointments is that you do have to wait. But not so long, not in my case, anyway.

I forgot to snip a rose, forgot to bring a flower, and felt fortunate that there was a vase of fake ones right in front of me when I sat down to wait. When Annie came out to get me, I grabbed them, followed her into the hall, and then said, “I brought you something!”. She looked at them and I think for just a split-second was wondrous, but really, right away she knew them well, and we just had a good laugh. I did put them back, by the way, rather than bringing them home and saving them in hiding for the day when I forget one of my wife’s significant personal holidays, which seem to occur at least once a week.

I’m just saying.

I get the little finger deal done, although she picks my middle finger rather than my index, for some reason, she runs the test, and Doc comes in, asking if we are done and she says yes, and I flip him off by accident (of course) to show him that the needle is in and the damage is done (sorry, Neil).

He laughs, and before she can leave, my darling nurse Annie, who called me to remind me of our date, before she can leave the tiny room, he says, “Oh, Annie wins the bet!  But she cheated! We were betting on whether you would show up and Annie bet that you would and then she cheated by calling you!”

Now, I don’t care who you are, that is funny.

I’m still taking the Coumadin for a while but no longer require the Ego Deflators.