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Keith Whitley reference)

Today was Coumadin day. To be honest, last Friday was Coumadin day, but I ignored it, avoided it. Did the same on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Do not ask me why. I think about it, but I do not have a real answer.

I know why I have avoided things in the past. I dislike pain, after all. I dislike bad news. I dislike the things that lead to bad news. (And really, I tend not to avoid those. I tend to rush headlong into those.)

But this one is a no-brainer. Go in, get a little stick in the finger of my choice, let them take a small bit of blood, and within minutes they have a count. It is INR, by the way, according to one source, or I&R, as I interpreted it from another. In either case, all they want to do is check my blood to see how I’m clotting (or not).

Why I avoid it, then, I do not know. I wonder, candidly, if it is a social anxiety. But I like those people, all of them, doc, nurses, all of them. So I really don’t get it, and neither does my wife, and neither do they.

They called me a couple of times beginning late last week to remind me that I needed to come in. When they called this week, there was a bit of urgency in their voices, and still I ignored them, and do not know why.

It may very well be that I am the only one not taking this blood clot thing seriously.

I suppose that is it. Or may be.

If it doesn’t hurt, I tend to ignore it, and everything associated with it is a pain. I do not advocate this attitude, by the way :). I am thinking that I have been here before, have been through the drills, and now what matters, now what is serious, has reached a higher level. As my little intro to this one suggests, “I’m no stranger to the rain.”

That is no excuse.

My recalcitrance, as I put it to Doc, is inexcusable. It impacts my family, who worry about me, it impacts Doc and his nurses who have to try to figure out what to do next when I take so long to come in, and it, of course, impacts me adversely, whether I like to admit it or not.

I need to get in shape in this regard, I need to start taking responsibility and not waiting to be begged to do what I should be doing as a matter of course. I know that.

I won’t, but I know that.

Diatribe against self is over.

Note to self: there is plenty to scream and wail about, leave self alone.

Note to self: Okay.

Note to self: I’m glad we can agree on that.

The new nurse remembered me. I was surprised. She is new to me, but rather old to the world. And I was not surprised because she is rather elderly, but because she is rather new to Doc’s office. In fact, this is only the second time I have seen her, but she remembered my name immediately. Before, even the one I had come to the front desk to see for years I sensed needed to peek at charts to remember who I was.

This may mean that I am such an odd person that one cannot forget me.

Note to self: there is plenty to scream and wail about, leave self alone.

Note to self: Okay.

It was a pleasant beginning to Coumadin day, to be sure.

And before long, the young lady that sticks me came out to invite me back to stick country, where she was rather quick about it. I remembered that last time some guy in a Navy uniform came to see here, and so asked if that was her husband, and she said it was her fiance, and I said, I guess that means you and me running away to Mexico is now out of the question.

She laughed.

And then she took a call and really got all over someone, doctor, nurse, I don’t know, for trying to schedule something so late in the day on a Friday. When she got off the phone, I said, I need to warn your fiance about you. She laughed.

I was just trying to break it up so that she would reconsider the running away to Mexico, of course.

If everyone I ever asked to run away to Mexico with me actually DID run away to Mexico with me, I would need a very large plane, and a lot more energy than even I have. So it is probably a good thing that they have all dismissed me so far.

My reading was 2.8, which is on the upper end of acceptable at this point, and, probably, really where they would like for me to be. It turns out that I had completely forgotten Doc’s instructions, those that followed what to do on the first three days, and had been taking lesser doses of Coumadin for the remaining eight or nine days. It worked! I should be a doctor!

He was happy enough with the results, but said he would hit me upside the head if I missed next Friday’s appointment. He probably would. But I can take him. 🙂

Meanwhile, he remains a NY Giants fan. Nothing I say can dissuade him from that devotion. He was wearing an NY shirt, in fact today. I took the liberty of asking if he was a Jets fan, knowing that he is not :), and he then had to tell me that he is going up there to watch the Giants play Dallas on Halloween weekend.

I invited him and his wife to the Halloween party we are having in a couple of weeks (the week before Dallas kicks the Giants’ butts). It is a costume event. I intend to come as Freddie Krueger, so I don’t have to do much. If he comes as a doctor, I will kick his butt. If he comes as a Giants player, I will not let him in.

I’m no stranger to the rain, for sure, but I do love the sunshine.