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(Creedence Clearwater Revival/Hank Williams, Sr. reference)

Caregivers Part 4 07/26/08

Here’s the deal: I was a pretty bright kid. So when it came time for Nixon and Viet Nam and all of that, my dad and I had some issues. I was Meathead to his Archie, for those of you who can remember back that far. He wanted me to simply accept what he said as fact, and I simply wouldn’t.

We can all relate to that, if we are old enough now to recognize the syndrome.

I have two children myself, both adults now, so I know it well. Live and learn.

We were rather alienated for awhile to be honest, both before my mom died of cancer and after, despite the fact that I was his greatest supporter when he went for a new life. I will never figure out family dynamics.

But here’s the deal: When the docs were prepping me for my surgery the first time around, they had to mark up my face, as they always do when they are going to do surgery (let me amend that: if you are getting knee surgery and they are marking up your face, it is time to call for a timeout). Apparently, they were rather competent, in my case. My dad saw the markers on my face and went away and wept.

I did not know he was even there.

He left the room, I’ve been told, and he wept.

Later, when I got out of surgery, when they had me in the ICU unable to move for four days, my tough little brother came in to see me, and then he left to weep.

It’s all a matter of taste I suppose :).

It is all about love, which transcends everything; it is all about family. It is all about love.